Yuma County Music Educators Association
Serving Yuma County for over 50 years


Yuma County Music Educators supports Choral Music for all grades in several ways. The most obvious way is through choral festivals. Each year for the past 3 years, over 13 junior high and high school choirs have come together for a festival held at Kofa High School. Every choir has the opportunity to perform before a panel of 3 judges, and then has a small clinic afterward, given by one of the judges. Then the students get to return to the auditorium to listen to the other groups perform, thereby enhancing their exposure to different age groups and different abilities. It then becomes a great learning opportunity for them, as well as for their director. An elementary choir festival, where general education teachers can either bring select choir students, or an entire grade level is also held. To encourage the elementary students, one or two of the high school performing choirs and sometimes even the college choir is able to perform.YCMEA also supports Honor Choirs at three different levels – Elementary, Junior High, and High School. The organization will assist the groups in purchasing music, which is then held for performances at a future date.But, perhaps, the best thing YCMEA does for choral music is to give us an opportunity to meet and work together with each other, as well as instrumental and general music teachers in support of music education here in Yuma County. Please feel free to contact any of the directors should you need assistance or more information contact:

Kenna Tanaka
Kofa High School